Aramark Extends Cage-free Egg Commitment to Canada

Today, Aramark announced that we have extended our cage-free egg commitment to include egg purchases by Aramark foodservice operations in Canada. We have committed to transition to cage-free (free-run) shell eggs by 2022, and all eggs including liquid and processed by 2025, or sooner if possible.

Early last year, Aramark established an industry-leading Animal Welfare Principles and Policy that address practices focused on a range of issues affecting egg, dairy and meat production. Our principles represent our global position on farm animal welfare and serve as the foundation for what we expect from our suppliers.

We recently fulfilled our 2013 commitment to purchasing only cage-free shell eggs in the U.S. by the end of 2015. As we learn from our experiences in the U.S., we continue to identify opportunities to advance responsible sourcing practices in the other countries we operate.

Aramark is committed to advancing responsible sourcing practices including the humane treatment of animals, and productive engagement with organizations willing to work with us constructively to make an impact on these important issues. By engaging in discussion on key issues with global leaders across sectors, we continue to evaluate the numerous sustainable sourcing issues important to all of our consumers, clients and customers.

Read Aramark’s Animal Welfare Principles and Policy and a recent report on progress against our commitments.


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