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Aramark is committed to animal welfare and sustainable sourcing practices and has an industry leading policy that addresses a range of topics, including broiler chickens. We are working constructively with responsible and credible organizations such as the Humane Society of the U.S. and Compassion in World Farming to address this issue. It is unfortunate that an activist organization has launched an attack campaign when we are engaged in productive dialogue with likeminded NGOs, academia and suppliers to actually resolve the problem. The reality is that producing sustainably sourced broiler chickens is currently a challenge for the entire poultry and food industry, not just Aramark. We are committed to being part of the solution.

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  • False information about Aramark’s commitment to animal welfare is being distributed by The Humane League.
  • Aramark has an industry leading policy, including a commitment on broiler chickens. Read it here.
  • We require all our meat suppliers to provide a growing environment consistent with the “Five Freedoms” of animal welfare developed by the Farm Animal Welfare Committee.
  • We are working with growers to correct issues with genetic selection for fast growth of broiler chickens, and support eliminating slaughtering systems using live dumping and shackling.
  • Our Sustainable Sourcing Advisory Panel advises us on animal welfare and is comprised of respected industry experts, academics and animal rights advocates, including The Humane Society of the U.S and Compassion in World Farming. Read their endorsements here.
  • In 2015, we offered to work with The Humane League and after agreeing, the group inexplicably launched an unwarranted attack campaign. Now they are angry we partner constructively with other animal welfare groups and are spreading lies to pressure Aramark into joining their organization.
  • Aramark does not own or operate chicken farms. We purchase chicken from industry leading providers like Tyson Foods who share our commitment to animal welfare. Read it here.
  • We are actively working with poultry suppliers to develop specific timelines for improving conditions for broiler chickens. These changes require a massive transition for the poultry industry that will take at least a decade. Read WSJ article here.
  • No major food company has made a commitment due to minimal supplies available. Two small specialty companies have made commitments based on the very limited quantities they purchase – a fraction of what is purchased by Aramark.
  • The Humane League has not been able to provide any documentation showing the commitments they claim our competitors have made in this area. 
  • We have been recognized as an industry leader for our animal welfare progress to-date and are committed to doing more – read here.

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Humane Society Honors Aramark with The Henry Spira Humane Corporate Progress Award
The Humane Society of the United States once again honored Aramark with The Henry Spira Humane Corporate Progress Award for enacting a comprehensive animal welfare policy.

Compassion in World Farming Award for Cage-Free Egg Policies
June 29, 2016 - Compassion in World Farming celebrated our notable work to improve poultry welfare standards, at the Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards, where we were honored with the “Good Egg Award” for our cage-free egg policy.


"We’re proud to partner with Aramark in helping the company address the issues associated with animal welfare in poultry production, and look forward to finding solutions together."
Josh Balk, Senior Food Policy Director, Humane Society of the United States

Humane Society

"Aramark has a track record of taking animal welfare concerns seriously, illustrated by commitments to sourcing cage-free eggs and crate-free pork. We value our productive engagement with Aramark, and are committed to working together and with the broader industry to take measureable steps to address the suffering of chickens raised for meat."
-Rachel Dreskin, US Head of Food Business, Compassion in World Farming

Compassion in World Farming


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