Food Safety

As an organization dedicated to excellence, we are committed to operating our business in a responsible manner.

The opportunity to deliver experiences that enrich and nourish lives is a privilege and responsibility that we work hard to meet every day. Our dedicated team members across Aramark understand that nothing is more important than maintaining the highest levels of safety, quality and service excellence for our employees, clients, consumers, shareholders and the communities we serve.

Our Food Safety Commitment

We have longstanding and extensive, industry-leading food safety practices and procedures in all our operations.

Serving safe, nutritious food is our top priority. We have ongoing, rigorous training and quality assurance processes to ensure we meet very high standards. We maintain rigid standard operating procedures for the entire flow of food production. This includes providing an environment that protects the safety and integrity of food from its delivery, throughout its storage, preparation, transport, and ultimately, to the point of service to the customer.

Our employees are also engaged in a learning environment that includes a food safety orientation before associates start work, ongoing manager certification and associate food safety training, and job-specific training to continually reinforce safe practices.

  • We conduct extensive inspections regularly, and use the results to address any issues.
  • All our employees receive food safety and sanitation training. In addition, our supervisors receive ServSafe training and our food service managers are ServSafe certified.
  • We have dedicated food safety supervision on-site. These supervisors maintain time and temperature logs, check equipment and implement any corrective action if needed.
  • We provide many channels for employees to bring any concerns to our attention. These include direct communication with their supervisors and managers, talking to their HR manager, and a toll-free hotline.
  • As an added measure, when necessary, we utilize a third-party auditor to ensure our locations meet our high safety and sanitation standards.


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